Monday, May 31, 2010

Preparing for game spotting on the run:Creatures and Critters in the Kalahari Desert

My Kalahari desert running kit

I am doing research on the fauna and flora in the Kalahari Desert so that my experience of running 250km/155miles through it will be enriched by a small amount of knowledge beforehand.

 Here is a list of mammals that inhabit this region of the world:
African wild cat; bat-eared fox; black footed cat; free-tailed bat; aardwolf; spotted genet; giraffe; zebra; leopard; the Kalahari lion; cheetah; mongeese; rock dassies; cape clawless otter;; black backed jackal; caracal; hyena; anteater; porcupine; baboon; bush baby.

A list of reptiles includes:
Black spitting cobra; cape cobra; horned adder; desert mountain adder; Beetz's tiger snake; Karoo sand snake; Augrabies flat lizard; agama; Nile monitor; thick toed geckos; Leopard tortoise

Scorpion, tarantula

Midges; fungal termites, butterflies

Monday, May 3, 2010

32 Week training Program for KAEM: (Week 9-15)

Yokohama Bay from the trail

Makua Valley from the heavens on
the Peacock run

Week 9:  (2may2010-8may2010) Total distance 39 miles/62.7km
Sunday: 12miles/19.3km (hills)
Wednesday: 10miles/16km (trails with 18lb backpack)
Thursday: 17miles/27.3km

Hukilau Beach: Less than a mile from my house on my frequent running route

Malea Kahana: 2 miles down the road from my house, a pit stop for filling up water bottles

Week 10: (9may2010-15may2010) Total distance 50miles/80km
Monday: 15miles/24km
Tuesday: 5miles/8km
Friday: 20miles/32km
Saturday: 10miles/16km (hills)
Running down the windward side

Palm trees along Hau'ula Beach Park

Week 11: (16may2010-22may2010) Total distance 50 miles/ 80.5km)
Sunday: 14miles/22.5km (hills/trails)
Thursday: 10miles/16km + 10miles/16km
Friday: 6miles/10km
Saturday: 10miles/16km

Running south from my house, a small diversion of the road brings you to this scene

Looking towards where I live from a beach park on Windward O'ahu

Week 12: (23may2010-29may2010) Total distance 55miles/88km
Sunday: 10miles/16km
Monday 10miles/16km (hills)
Tuesday: 10miles/16km (20lb backpack and new trail shoes)
Friday: 10miles/16km
Saturday: 15miles/24km

Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe
The Pali Lookout - turnaround point for one of my favourite runs

Week 13:(30may2010-06june2010) Total distance 32miles/51.5km

 Sunday: 8miles/12.8km - hills with 11lb/5kg backpack
Wednesday: 10miles/16km with 11lb/5kg backpack
Thursday: 14miles/22.5km with 11lb/5kg backpack - dedicated run to Erik Mason my high school friend who is in a coma - you filled my high school years with much laughter bru!It's difficult to run and cry at the same time.Wishing you strength.

The funky shops on the NE shore of O'ahu in the middle of nowhere running north of Kahuku

Ho'omaluhia Botanical gardens

Week 14: (06june2010-12june2010) Total distance 60miles/96.5km
Monday: 12miles/19.3km (with 11lb/5kg backpack)
Tuesday: 10miles/16km (trail run with 20lb/9kg backpack)
Friday: 22miles/35km (trail run in the hills)
Saturday: 16miles/26km (with 9lb/4kg backpack)

The Windward coast road I often run along

The road near Kahana Bay, one of my turnaround points

Week 15:(13june2010-19june2010) Total distance 46miles/74km
Sunday: 10miles/16km with 8lb/4kg backpack
Wednesday: 10miles/16km hills
Thursday: 26miles/42km self supported marathon on my own

Kahuku Town Olde Sugar Mill remnants

View from the bridge at Waimea Bay along one of my favourite running routes