Saturday, March 15, 2014


My brother Neil bought me this awesome satellite communicator and tracking device. I definitely feel more secure having this on me as my movements can be tracked back home and I'll have an uninterrupted signal at all times. This will come in handy for updating my friends and family on my progress and also sending a distress signal if I am injured, lost or in danger. Check it out at I'll also have my iPhone4 with me for general communication and for a backup camera.I'll also be able to update my blog on my phone which will enable me to keep it current as I go. With it I'll need the charger cable which I can hook up to either a wall socket when I hike down into a town, or to my solar panel charger. My solar panel charger is an Opteka 6000mAh.
So cool! I've tested it at home and it works perfectly! I'll be able to charge my phone as I walk if I attach it to the top of my backpack. My camera is A waterproof/ shockproof/ freeze and dust proof Fujifilm XP which can aldo take video, and I invested in a GoPro Hero3+ with a veiwing screen... Now I have a week to learn how to use it! Also a charger cable for the GoPro and charger plug for the Fujifilm. The headlamp runs off batteries and the compass is good quality, except I'm a novice at using one!

The Final Countdown

The last 3 months leading up towards my "Thru Hike" along the Pacific Crest Trail have been extremely dynamic and eventful.There is nothing quite like attending an incredible tango festival on your home island to kick start the fun and adventure. The Hawaii Paradise Tango Festival 2014 was absolutely fantastic! For me it included 4 nights and 3 days of non-stop tango including night time dance sessions called "milongas" and all day workshops given by some of the best tango instructors around from Honolulu, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Japan and Colombia to name a few of the destinations that the diverse group of instructors came from. My Argentine Tango skills were definitely elevated and I had so much fun with friends and fellow tango dancers.

 Following that I received an offer on my home, so am in the process of selling up.I quit my job and am going to put my downsized worldly possessions into storage, leaving me basically without an address, so the PCT will officially be my home for as long as it takes to complete it. I've been spending time with friends and finding time to dance tango, kayak, stand up paddle board (SUP), hike and run and yes before I hit the wilderness with nothing but a backpack and tent on my back and some freeze dried food pouches and protein bars for sustainance.I had a bit of a sideswipe when I recently fell and severely sprained my left hand and wrist whilst dancing the "Chacerera" at tango, so had to wear a brace and was in considerable pain while it healed.

 I also had my first tattoo done which came out really well and is very symbolic for me. The design being two owl feathers representing my animal spirit guardian and two children, the colors of the beadwork on the design are also meaningful to my life, blue symbolizing the ocean and tranquility an red symbolizing the earth and passion. As the adventure of life continues, I am experiencing an incredible lightness of being. This being the Year of the Horse, and me being born in the Year of the Fire Horse, I have the feeling of freedom equivilent to that of a wild mustang. 

 In terms of preparation for my wilderness adventure, I have prepared my mail resupply boxes and have them labelled and ready to send. 

Last minute supplies I plan to buy at REI in San Diego are the bear spray as well as the fuel canister for my Jetboil cooker. Preparing for this hike and buying all the ultralight gear,provisions, food and contents of the resupply boxes is an expensive endeavor and I am glad that I have purchased things slowly over at least a year leading up to the hike. It is also slowly starting to dawn on me that I am about to embark on quite a gnarly quest. I've been putting that part of my thinking process on hold up until now.I am not going to lie about the fact that I feel quite scared about the prospect of living on a trail in the wilderness for half a year. In fact it terrifies me at times which I think is fairly healthy, as I realize that it's not all going to be a fun walk in the park nor a casual "picnic.My backpack has also suddenly become a lot heavier with the last minute items I've added.I'm going to post an entry on my gadgets, so I'll mention those on that post.I have been packing and repacking and trying to see what I think I need and don't need but the weight of the pack keeps going up, not down!
I also got my trail amulet which I'm stoked about! It'll be one of my little pleasures on the trail to wear it. Jokingly I like to say "If you don't do it in style then don't bother doing it at all" and another one of my favorites is "Go big or go home". Next stop San Diego coming up soon. I shall fly across the Pacific Ocean and embark upon the adventure of a lifetime.

Friday, March 14, 2014

So what's in my re-supply boxes??

Every resupply box has slightly different contents but all are basically the same. Here are the contents of one of my boxes and I'll be receiving one approximately every 200 miles.
9 dehydrated dinners
1 big bag granola and a small one for breakfasts
14 energy bars of various descriptions and tastes.
6 packets of nuts/ trail mix
8 sachets of nut butter for fat/calories
3 sachets of protein powder
5 sesame seed snacks
1 vegan jerquee
3 sachets soup mix
4 sachets gatorade powder and 1 Hawaiian ice tea mix for flavor and calories to add to water
1 tube NUUN electrolyte replacement
Wet wipes
Garbage bag
1 small toothpadte
1 bottle hand sanitizer
Water purification tabs
This should keep me going for at least 10 days! Every 500 miles I'll have a new pair of trail running shoes shipped to me and I'll have my map/trail guide books shipped to Tuolumne Meadows and Ashland, Oregon, so that I don't have to hike with lots of heavy books.Other items which I'll need sporadically are things like extra batteries, campsuds (a biodegradable all use soap), zam-buk (herbal ointment good for everything from chafe to insect bites), hemp facial moisturizer, sunblock and other random treats.