Sunday, March 7, 2010

32 Week training Program for KAEM: (week 1-8)

I've decided to use a training program for a 100mile/160km race as a guideline for running the Kalahari adventure race. It's a challenge trying to fit all the runs in due to my work schedule and commute time, so I've tweaked the program to best fit into my time available:

This trail is situated at the north western tip of the island, on a clear day you can see Kauai

Kaena Point trail run

Week 1: ( 7mar2010-13mar2010 )Total distance 34miles/54.7km
Sunday: 8miles/12.8km
Wednesday: 14miles/22.5km
Thursday: 8miles/12.8km
Saturday: 4miles/6.44km (in the dark with headlamp and 15lb backpack)

A little bit of rock hopping and scrambling along the way
Kaena Point 10mile/16km out and back dirt track and trail run towards Yokohama Bay

Week 2: ( 14mar2010-20mar2010 )Total distance 40miles/64.37km
Sunday: 4 miles/6.44km (in the dark with a headlamp and 15lb backpack)
Monday: 8miles/12.8km
Tuesday: 14miles/22.5km
Friday: 6miles/10km
Saturday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)

Ocean and lava rock eye candy along the route
Northwest leeward corner of Oahu: perfect training for the Kalahari desert!

Week 3: ( 21mar2010-27mar2010 )Total distance 42miles/67.6km
Sunday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)
Tuesday: 4miles/6.44km
Wednesday: 16miles/25.7km
Thursday: 10miles/16km (trail run at Kaena Point with 18lb backpack).
Friday: 4 miles/6.44km

On top of the world at Peacock Flats, looking down over the North Shore : life is good!
Kuaokala Trail on Peacock Flats, North Shore Oahu (it takes 1.5-2 hours to get here via Kealia Trail and then you're in the middle of nowhere)

Week 4: ( 28mar2010-03apr2010 ) Total distance 46miles/74km
Sunday: 4miles/6.44km
Monday: 10miles/16km
Tuesday: 6miles/10km
Friday: 10miles/16km (trail run at Kaena Point with 18lb backpack)
Saturday: 16miles/25.7km

Narrow ledge in heaven on Kuaokala Trail

Sunlight streaming through the forest on top of the mountain on Kuaokala Trail

Week 5:  (4apr2010-10apr2010) Total distance 34miles/54.7km
Sunday: 6miles/10km
Tuesday: 6miles/10km
Wednesday: 14miles/22.5km
Thursday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)

Puena Point, Haleiwa. I often run past here on my long runs.

Haleiwa Bridge: Once I cross the river, I usually run to Ali'i Beach Park which is a 16mile/25.7km out-and-back run from Sunset Beach.

Week 6: (11apr2010-17apr2010) Total distance 48miles/77km
Sunday: 4miles/6.44km
Monday: 6miles/10km
Tuesday: 18miles/30km
Saturday: 20miles/32.1km (Oahu Perimeter Relay)

Week 7: (18apr2010-24apr2010) Total distance 45miles/72.4km
Sunday: 33miles/53.1km (Oahu Perimeter Relay)
Thursday: 6miles/10km
Saturday: 6miles/10km

Waimea Bay : Eye candy on the run!

I'm a regular on the North Shore Bicycle path

Week 8: (25apr2010-2may2010) Total distance 47miles/ 75.6km
Sunday: 4miles/6.44km
Monday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)
Tuesday: 20miles/32km
Saturday: 15miles/24km (trails)

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