Wednesday, June 23, 2010

32 Week training Program for KAEM: (Week 16-18)

View from 'Stairway to Heaven' - 3922 steep steps up a mountain

Looking down at the Ko'olau Pali from the stairs

Week 16:(20jun2010-26jun2010) total distance 60miles/96.5km
Monday: 13miles/21km - with 13lb/6kg backpack
Tuesday: 2miles/3.2km - 3922 steps up a mountain and back down again (Stairway to Heaven)
Friday: 21miles/33.8km- hills and trails
Saturday: 14miles/22.5km  in the morning
                10miles/16km in the evening

Sian and I starting "Stairway to Heaven'

Almost in 'heaven'

Week 17: (27jun2010-03jul2010)27miles/43.5km
Sunday: 8miles/12.8km
Wednesday: 9miles/14.5km hills
Thursday:10miles/16km with 11lb/5kg backpack

Happiness early morning run with a friend

Running along the North Shore of O'ahu
Week 18: (04july2010-10july2010) Total distance 65miles/104.61km 
Monday: 8miles/12.8km with 12.5pound/5.7kg backpack                                                                          
Tuesday: 27miles/43.5km self supported slightly more than a marathon                                                        
Friday: 21miles/33.8km - trails and hills                                                                                                      
Saturday: 9miles/14.5km