Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Volunteering for H.U.R.T 100 mile endurance race

Giving back to the running community by volunteering at a race:
What an inspirational weekend! I had the absolute privilege of volunteering the 'night shift' at the HURT 100 mile trail race at the awesome "Pirates in Paradise" aide station for the second year in a row.It was so fabulous being able to help make these incredible endurance athletes dream of completing this very difficult race become a reality. I am in awe of how wonderful the Hawaii ultra running community is, nicer people living the spirit of aloha you will not find. The dedication of the race committee, volunteers and aide station directors is commendable. Congratulations to everyone who finished the 100miles/100k and to all of those who attempted it. You all rock and I am extremely happy to have been a part of it in a small way.
As one of my running friends stated, no-one actually knows what hard work and dedication is involved in volunteering for a race. As a runner, you appreciate it but you don't really understand what it entails until you do it yourself. I recommend that all runners volunteer at some point, it's a very rewarding experience.
It was equally exciting to see the elite front runners smash records and their own personal bests as it was to see the other end of the spectrum with competitors struggling through their obstacles to make it just within the cut off time.
I have to admit to feeling so inspired that the thought entered my mind that I may want to attempt this particular gruelling race at some point in my future. It certainly inspired me to desire to revisit the Peacock 100K in october.
Out of the 131 entrants, 53 finished the 100 miles within the 36 hour cutoff, the fastest man (Gary Robbins) finished in 19:35, and woman (Hannah Roberts) in 25:41. A total of 46 men finished and 7 women. Many of the athletes were recognized for completing 100K (the fun run).

One of the interesting observations I made while serving the runners food was the amount of requests I recieved from runners and pacers alike for vegan options. This was of particular interest to me as I follow a vegan diet myself and usually feel like I'm in the complete minority which obviously isn't the case any more if this trend was anything to go by.
Aloha and ahoy there me matey!

My 'Pirates in Paradise' volunteer outfit

There is also a H.U.R.T (Hawaii Ultra Running Team) Cook Book newly available called "Eat drink run repeat".This is a compilation of recipes submitted by the HURT ohana (family) of runners, including myself.  Anyone interested can search for it on the HURT website.

I'm also very happy to report that I am slowly getting my running groove back. My torn left hamstring tendon is gradually feeling a little more comfortable and I managed to run in the Honolulu Marathon again in december. I viewed it as a slow, catered for training run and had a lot of fun with friends. So here's to 2013 being a better year for me in terms of racking up the miles. I'm setting my intentions and building on what I have in a positive and constructive manner.