Sunday, November 1, 2015

Book Launch and Book sales

The ball is rolling on my marketing and publicity associated with my new book "Dream it. See it. Be it. ~ Discovering your potential at the end of your comfort zone."

I had a great time selling books at the Sunset Elementary Saturday Market a couple of weeks before the launch and have had many orders on Amazon at and via my website

Official book launch at the Honolulu Club on Oahu, Hawaii was on 24 October 2015. This great newspaper interview in "The Voice" section of Midweek Hawaii preceded the party.

 My MC from Maui, Patrick Snow flew over for the event. He has been my publishing coach and guided me along the process of ending up with a product that I feel very proud of.

Hawaiian musician, Wayne Tejada started the evening off with his magnificent voice and guitar playing. Followed by an Argentine Tango demo given my myself and instructor George Garcia.

I had the opportunity to "Talk Story" and discuss my journey of self discovery through the literal foot journey described in the book, staring 10 years ago with my dream of just becoming a little fitter which led to participating in marathons, ultra marathons, an extreme desert race and ultimately hiking solo across the American wilderness for 2300 miles.

Patrick interviewed me after my speech and I answered questions from the audience.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the event. Here are a few pics.

Mahalo to the Honolulu Club for providing such an awesome venue.

Jonathan Wong from Honolulu Heartbeat interviewed me after the event.

Wonderful door prizes donated by sponsors were then given out to the audience.
A huge thank you to my sponsors who included:
Dr Catherine Kurosu, a medical doctor and OBGYN who has an holistic Acupuncture Practice, very generously donated three prizes each consisting of three treatments.
Shaka Kayaks, an eco-conscious kayaking operation on the North Shore of Oahu, donated 2two kayak tours as prizes.
LaniLove Gluten Free Bakery in Kahuku on the North Shore of Oahu donated two delicious gluten free treats.
Nalu Kinetic Spa at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's north Shore donated a complimentary one hour massage or facial.
Balimoon Furnishings in Waialua offered a beautiful turtle woodcarving as a prize.
Please visit their websites at:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Here's what Dream it. See it. Be it. is about:

Do you have a dream? What does it take to visualize the steps required to make that happen and then live the dream? Are you willing to discover your potential at the end of your comfort zone?
Dream It. See It. Be It. is the story of one woman who allowed herself to pursue her dreams. Join Heather Howells on her sometimes grueling but always fascinating journey of self-discovery while she attains insights and epiphanies about some of life’s big questions. From her first desire to get fit to running ultramarathons through the Kalahari Desert and hiking solo for 2,300 miles through the mountain wilderness of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, Heather discovers her full levels of mental and physical endurance and the stamina she has to progress.

Most importantly, Heather shares with her readers how to visualize and implement the steps required to achieve success and discover how to live their own dreams. Heather’s journey on foot to conquering greater distances and attaining loftier goals serves as a metaphor for any dream or goal the reader might envision.

Visualize your own dreams while you take each step with Heather. Allow her to inspire you to take on your own dreams and challenges to make this gift of being alive the best experience possible. As you read, you will be entertained by the twists and turns, highs and lows of her challenging goals, and in the end, you will be motivated to embrace her message:


“Heather’s story is a great feat of conquering one’s fears, breaking out of the comfort zone, and proving that the human spirit is alive and well.”
— Bradford Lombardi, Marathon and Ultramarathon Runner, Adventurer, United States
“This powerful and dynamic book translates ambitions into action. It ignites the courage to follow your desires, and serves as a forceful guide to achieve what you believe is unreachable.”
— Susan Friedman, CSP, International Best-Selling Author of Riches in Niches: How to make it Big in a small market
“‘If you’ve reached the top of the mountain, carry on climbing.’ This Zen saying arguably captures the spirit, resilience, and sheer joy with which Heather Howells has tackled the Pacific Crest Trail. Her account of this journey is heartwarming and life-affirming—a beautiful book by a beautiful person.”
— Kai Horsthemke, Author of The Moral Status and Rights of Animals and Animals and African Ethics, South Africa
“The story that follows is not the story of an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things. The story that follows is simply that of an extraordinary woman.”
— Amit Sheth, Author of Dare to Run and Ultramarathon Runner, Mumbai, India

“I am fortunate to have known Heather Howells throughout her ultra endurance career, and I am always impressed by the intensity and fortitude with which she pursues her goals. When others would waiver or abandon their goals, she invariably pushes on, often enduring great personal hardship and pain. Her inspirational story is a must read for anyone seeking to push their own limits, and to understand what is possible when one harnesses personal determination.”
— M.N. Muench, Ultrarunner, and Author of The Vengeance of Kahekili, Blood in the Water, and Cycles in the Heat, Hawaii, United States
“I know Heather well. There is nothing phoney in this book. This is live action from the edge. Every sentence is filled with lived truth. No cheap thrills here. Some writers dream it, others advise. This writer lives it.”
— Andrew .P. Wright, Author of The Flame of Heaven, Australia.
“Heather is a great communicator. Her blog posts during the Pacific Crest Trail adventure were so rich I felt as if I were walking alongside her. You will love reading this book and will be inspired to have your own adventures.”
— Edward Chapman, ultramarathon runner, participant in many multi-day events, and the only person to have completed the seven-day Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon eight times, United Kingdom
"Heather is a phenomenal human being who followed a dream and saw it through some very tough stages. She truly is amazingly inspirational"
-Lionel Bastos, musician, singer, songwriter, music producer, South Africa.

“Heather’s stories share her journey from dreaming to ultimately fulfilling her dream — in ways that we all can relate. There is much we can learn, and enjoy, from her uplifting account of hiking solo across the American wilderness. "
— Lyla Berg, Author of Leaving the Gilded Cage. Hawaii, United States

Available on:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book launch of "Dream it. See it. Be it."

Here's my PCT hike video, just in time to release my new book entitled "Dream it. See it. Be it."
available on