Monday, March 15, 2010

Random thoughts whilst running and doing other things...

Training outfit :33L, 18lb backpack which will have to get heavier as my training progresses!
Om is the whole universe coalesed into a single sound and represents the union of mind, body, and spirit

1. Running with a heavy backpack is a completely different experience to running 'normal' marathons or ultras. It's difficult, tough and strenuous! I'm going to have to work hard on my strength and endurance...
2. Lucky I live Hawai'i!
3. Running along Kamehameha Hwy at 0400 in the dark with a headlamp and 15lb backpack before a 12 hour work shift is not a 'normal' saturday morning activity...
4. "I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life"- Henry David Thoreau
5. I think I might sign up for a 100 mile race on the mainland USA in early 2011 - I might as well, I'll be conditioned...
6. "No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn." Jim Morrison
7. "Rave on, rave on, rave on..."-Van Morrison
8.I experienced being in the moment and feelings of bliss today on my run along the rugged coastal trail at Kaena Point.
9. Very excited about setting up my fundraising page and sending the link out.
10. Mahalo Mandy and James for your contribution; the first of my fundraising endeavour!
11. Mahalo Steve V for your contribution, encouragement and patiently showing me great trail runs!
12. Mahalo Tammy, you'll be with me in the desert!
13. Mahalo Phillip and Joanne...great idea...a training run to Kailua...can you feed me a veggie burger when I get there?
14.Mahalo Jonathan for your donation and excellent advice! Now I won't totter off in the wrong direction in the desert...
15.One key to happiness is to replace anger with it's flipside - Compassion.
16. "....the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes 'Awwww!'..." Jack Kerouac (On the Road)
17. Mahalo Scott for your contribution!Namaste my ultrarunner friend.
18. Mahalo Andrew, Kathryn, Lewis and Declan for your contribution. You're awesome! Love you guys!!
19. Mahalo Sabine for your contribution in more ways than one! You're an awesome friend!
20."I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." - Invictus
21. Mahalo Sian for your contribution, you are the most wonderful daughter any mother could wish for!
22. Mahalo Stevie Caprivi for your contribution and thank you for supporting all my crazy endeavours...the adventure called 'life' continues...
23. Mahalo Saioa for your contribution. I hope our paths keep crossing in life!
24. Mahalo Vickie for your contribution and thank you for your frienship and encouragement throughout the years. We know what 'endurance' means from our work experience together!
25. Mahalo Penny and Colin for your contribution.Penny, you helped nurture my running in the beginning and now look what's happened!
26.Mahalo Alison for your contribution -Thanks for all the fun times at work - 'Elke pot het sy deksel' Hahaha!
27. Mahalo Heather and Phil for your contribution and ongoing support and friendship.
28. Mahalo Kirstie and Len for your contribution. Love you guys and look forward to seeing you in Hawaii!
29. Mahalo Banana Boy for your contribution. I don't know who you are but I'm taking you with me into the desert in my thoughts.
30. Mahalo Lisa B for your contribution. I'm so proud of your running acievements. You rock!
31. Mahalo Sarah B for your contribution. Much appreciated by me and HOKISA.
32. Mahalo for your contribution Ilze. I really appreciate your ongoing friendship and support!
33. Mahalo Anderson family for your contribution. David, working in triage with you has increased my stamina to da max!!! I'll be thinking that running through the Kalahari is nothing in comparison to our work days...thank you!
34. Mahalo Chrystal for your contribution, you are a special part of my Hawaiian Ohana.
35. Mahalo Emelie for your contribution, you are also a beautiful person, an amazing doctor and it's been a pleasure working with you and knowing you and your growing family.
36. Mahalo Pat and Molly for your contribution and friendship throughout the years. Whenever I remember my time in Guam fondly, I think of you.
37. Mahalo Monica for your contribution and  friendship throughout the years. Thank you for running by my side (virtually).
38. Mahalo for your contribution Mike. The first time I met you, you were running around an island, I hope to keep on following in your 'crazy' footsteps!
39. Mahalo Cat, Robert and Ethan for your contribution and wonderful message. Miss you Cat, you are a wonderful mother and doctor.
40. Mahalo Tom for your contribution. You were my first ultra running buddy, met you on my first ever ultra 'Hilo to Volcano'...and it's just gone further and crazier since then. Aloha.
41. Mahalo Amy for your contribution. It is such a pleasure working with you and we are kindred spirits.
42. Mahalo Catherine, Rob and Hannah for your contribution. It was been fabulous knowing you ever since our time in Guam and reconnecting again in Hawaii.
43. Mahalo Geoff for your contribution. I will 'give it to em' and 'run down Babylon'...
44. So many other people have contributd since my last entry and I haven't been able to keep up: A huge thank you to Andy G, Rachel, Derrick and Zoe, Renee and Robin, Ian A, Maria B, Mel, Sundby family, Joni, Annie, Faith, Regan and Suzie, KAtie, Peggy and Diane, Margot and Maureen. Without your donations and words of encouragement I would not be so successful. I really appreciate your generosity.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

32 Week training Program for KAEM: (week 1-8)

I've decided to use a training program for a 100mile/160km race as a guideline for running the Kalahari adventure race. It's a challenge trying to fit all the runs in due to my work schedule and commute time, so I've tweaked the program to best fit into my time available:

This trail is situated at the north western tip of the island, on a clear day you can see Kauai

Kaena Point trail run

Week 1: ( 7mar2010-13mar2010 )Total distance 34miles/54.7km
Sunday: 8miles/12.8km
Wednesday: 14miles/22.5km
Thursday: 8miles/12.8km
Saturday: 4miles/6.44km (in the dark with headlamp and 15lb backpack)

A little bit of rock hopping and scrambling along the way
Kaena Point 10mile/16km out and back dirt track and trail run towards Yokohama Bay

Week 2: ( 14mar2010-20mar2010 )Total distance 40miles/64.37km
Sunday: 4 miles/6.44km (in the dark with a headlamp and 15lb backpack)
Monday: 8miles/12.8km
Tuesday: 14miles/22.5km
Friday: 6miles/10km
Saturday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)

Ocean and lava rock eye candy along the route
Northwest leeward corner of Oahu: perfect training for the Kalahari desert!

Week 3: ( 21mar2010-27mar2010 )Total distance 42miles/67.6km
Sunday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)
Tuesday: 4miles/6.44km
Wednesday: 16miles/25.7km
Thursday: 10miles/16km (trail run at Kaena Point with 18lb backpack).
Friday: 4 miles/6.44km

On top of the world at Peacock Flats, looking down over the North Shore : life is good!
Kuaokala Trail on Peacock Flats, North Shore Oahu (it takes 1.5-2 hours to get here via Kealia Trail and then you're in the middle of nowhere)

Week 4: ( 28mar2010-03apr2010 ) Total distance 46miles/74km
Sunday: 4miles/6.44km
Monday: 10miles/16km
Tuesday: 6miles/10km
Friday: 10miles/16km (trail run at Kaena Point with 18lb backpack)
Saturday: 16miles/25.7km

Narrow ledge in heaven on Kuaokala Trail

Sunlight streaming through the forest on top of the mountain on Kuaokala Trail

Week 5:  (4apr2010-10apr2010) Total distance 34miles/54.7km
Sunday: 6miles/10km
Tuesday: 6miles/10km
Wednesday: 14miles/22.5km
Thursday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)

Puena Point, Haleiwa. I often run past here on my long runs.

Haleiwa Bridge: Once I cross the river, I usually run to Ali'i Beach Park which is a 16mile/25.7km out-and-back run from Sunset Beach.

Week 6: (11apr2010-17apr2010) Total distance 48miles/77km
Sunday: 4miles/6.44km
Monday: 6miles/10km
Tuesday: 18miles/30km
Saturday: 20miles/32.1km (Oahu Perimeter Relay)

Week 7: (18apr2010-24apr2010) Total distance 45miles/72.4km
Sunday: 33miles/53.1km (Oahu Perimeter Relay)
Thursday: 6miles/10km
Saturday: 6miles/10km

Waimea Bay : Eye candy on the run!

I'm a regular on the North Shore Bicycle path

Week 8: (25apr2010-2may2010) Total distance 47miles/ 75.6km
Sunday: 4miles/6.44km
Monday: 8miles/12.8km (hills)
Tuesday: 20miles/32km
Saturday: 15miles/24km (trails)