Monday, May 31, 2010

Preparing for game spotting on the run:Creatures and Critters in the Kalahari Desert

My Kalahari desert running kit

I am doing research on the fauna and flora in the Kalahari Desert so that my experience of running 250km/155miles through it will be enriched by a small amount of knowledge beforehand.

 Here is a list of mammals that inhabit this region of the world:
African wild cat; bat-eared fox; black footed cat; free-tailed bat; aardwolf; spotted genet; giraffe; zebra; leopard; the Kalahari lion; cheetah; mongeese; rock dassies; cape clawless otter;; black backed jackal; caracal; hyena; anteater; porcupine; baboon; bush baby.

A list of reptiles includes:
Black spitting cobra; cape cobra; horned adder; desert mountain adder; Beetz's tiger snake; Karoo sand snake; Augrabies flat lizard; agama; Nile monitor; thick toed geckos; Leopard tortoise

Scorpion, tarantula

Midges; fungal termites, butterflies

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