Wednesday, July 14, 2010

32 Week training program for KAEM: Week 19

Week 19: (10july2010-17july2010)
I'm deciding to take things a little easier this week to allow my body to rest and recover because aside from running I work gruelling 12 hour shifts at a very busy hospital and have 2 hours of commuting every day that I work which is exhausting in itself. Back to big mileage next week when I run the Island of Maui Perimeter relay with 3 other of 180miles!!
Wednesday: 10miles/16km - hills
Thursday: 21miles/33.8km hills and trails

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  1. Looks like you well on with training , sounds like you have busy life to juggle my tip don't get to stressed just do what you can if you miss a session don't try catch up just take it as extra rest