Monday, May 23, 2011

Sad week in Hawaii over death of a trail runner

Above is a news report on the recovery of one of the HURT trail runner's body after he had been missing on the mountain trails above Dillingham Airfield on the North Shore of Hawaii. This is an area that I love and frequently run here by myself or with other members of the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT). Are went missing last saturday after running on the trails with a group of runners and then going on ahead by himself, never arriving back at the car park. We had a memorial gathering for him today at Dillingham Airfield which is the start of the trail up the mountain. It was very moving, Are's parents and sister were there from Norway and member's of HURT, the Hawaiian Mountain and Trail Club, the Hawaiian Mountain Rescue Team , the Honolulu Marathon clinic and University of Hawaii representatives.
It appears that he had taken the wrong trail, got lost and then slipped down a steep cliff. The foliage is very dense at the moment due to high rainfall.
I was very moved by the spirit of aloha which exists in Hawaii and espescially the support shown by members of HURT, who never gave up the search even though the official search had been called off after 3 days.

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