Friday, March 14, 2014

So what's in my re-supply boxes??

Every resupply box has slightly different contents but all are basically the same. Here are the contents of one of my boxes and I'll be receiving one approximately every 200 miles.
9 dehydrated dinners
1 big bag granola and a small one for breakfasts
14 energy bars of various descriptions and tastes.
6 packets of nuts/ trail mix
8 sachets of nut butter for fat/calories
3 sachets of protein powder
5 sesame seed snacks
1 vegan jerquee
3 sachets soup mix
4 sachets gatorade powder and 1 Hawaiian ice tea mix for flavor and calories to add to water
1 tube NUUN electrolyte replacement
Wet wipes
Garbage bag
1 small toothpadte
1 bottle hand sanitizer
Water purification tabs
This should keep me going for at least 10 days! Every 500 miles I'll have a new pair of trail running shoes shipped to me and I'll have my map/trail guide books shipped to Tuolumne Meadows and Ashland, Oregon, so that I don't have to hike with lots of heavy books.Other items which I'll need sporadically are things like extra batteries, campsuds (a biodegradable all use soap), zam-buk (herbal ointment good for everything from chafe to insect bites), hemp facial moisturizer, sunblock and other random treats.


  1. No tea, coffee, or Hot chocolate In your resupply boxes ?
    I need all three :0)

  2. I do have coffee and hot chocolate in some of them, but you're right, I missed out in this box!!