Saturday, May 21, 2016

Welcome to Cantabria on el Camino Del Norte

After a peaceful night's sleep up in the mountains it was time to pack up camp once again and head off along the Camino.

Today was my birthday and I was so delighted with all the spectacular birthday messages I received. I feel so loved!
A paved uphill awaited us, followed by a plunging downhill into the farmlands and small villages. 

Many miles of asphalt hiking ensued which took us to the gorgeous seaside town of Castro-Urdiales which was built on the ruins of a Roman Colony in the 1st century and rebuilt as a medieval town in the 12th century. 

Walking along the promenade we met Francisco from Italy, also hiking the Camino and he took a photo of us.
Seeing as it was my birthday we hung around for a bit in the historic quarter visiting the castle light house and massive grand gothic style church ( Santa Maria de la Asuncuin) which was also closed and appeared unused. 

A celebratory ice cream and Coke gave us the energy to continue on with our 23 mile hike for the day. 

It was our first really hot and sunny hiking day, and we felt the heat! It sapped the energy from us.

 Vistas of the Cantabrian Sea were spectacular as we ambled along the coastal paths and popped in at an Albergue along the way to get a stamp in our credential. There we saw the Austrian couple again who were delighted to see us and exclaimed " hola Hawaii".

A long, hot and horrible road hike followed which eventually took us up into a blue gum forest and at 8:00 pm we found a perfect flat spot with a spectacular mountain view in the pasturelands and set up camp. Both of us are absolutely exhausted from a 13 hour hiking day.

So grateful for all the birthday love.
Best thing in the backpack today: camp slippers/ croc flip flops for our mangled feet at the end of a long day of hiking.
Buenos noches from el Camino.

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