Monday, December 9, 2013


Since completing my series of Prolotherapy injections, my life has improved dramatically. I am no longer in chronic pain and I have been able to go out there and run again, granted not elite fast, but definitely steady.
I ended 2013 with 4 races in 2 months which really makes me feel satisfied with my increasing fitness level again.
HMSA 30k, Val Nolasco 21k, Xterra World Champs trail 21k and the Honolulu Marathon 42k, all on the island of Oahu. I love living here, there are so many fit and dynamic people and there's always a race, fun run or training run somewhere.
 My overall sense of health and well being has skyrocketed, as well as my physical state of fitness and endurance and let's not leave out the calm zen like state of mind one gets from all of the above. I completed the Honolulu Marathon yesterday, came home and immediately signed up for the North Shore Marathon next year. I want to stay marathon fit for my big adventure coming up next year, in combination with a lot of hiking with elevation and increasingly heavier loads in my backpack.
 Bring on 2014!

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