Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So what's in my backpack for a 2,650 mile/4264km hike?

~ ultralight ULA Backpack
~ultralight Thermarest Ridgerest sleeping mat
~ ULA ultralight down sleeping bag
~ waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag and sleeping clothes
~ smart wool sleeping clothes (thermal top and pants, sleeping socks, sleeping beanie, sleeping underwear)
~ space blanket x2
~ silk sack (to slip into inside the sleeping bag to make it 10 degrees F warmer)
~ 8 days supply of food : x8 dehydrated backpacking meals; x8 bars of various descriptions; large bag of muesli; hot chocolate x8; nut butter sachet's x8; trail mix (yes, I'm going to starve)
~ Big Agnes one (wo)man tent
~ Golite trekking umbrella (for sun and rain)
~ Ultralight trowel for digging toilet holes
~ Toiletry bag
~ Frogg Toggs (rain gear)
~ Clothes stuff sack with 2 pairs of extra socks; underwear; ultralight fleece top; ultralight down jacket; long sleeve running top; insect net; gaiters
~ Jetboil stove and fuel canister
~ water bladder
~ ultralight towel
~ compass
~ Katadyn water filter and water purification tabs
~ First Aide kit
(not pictured are the clothes that I start my hike in : skort and shirt; socks, trail runners; sunhat and glasses, as well as iphone, camera, solar panel charger, small video camera and Black Diamond trekking poles) 
So far this is what I'll be carrying to survive the trail. Laid out on the tarp it seems impossible to fit in, but remarkably it does. Dry weight is 10.2kg/ 22.44 lbs

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