Monday, June 6, 2016

Out of the fog and into Miraz

The Hungarians were singing sustaining songs amongst each other as they marched back onto the Camino in the thick early morning fog which took us by surprise and made us chuckle.

The town of Vilalba boasts a beautiful intact medieval castle and against the backdrop of the foggy ancient section of town, a theatrical mood was set as we walked through it's quiet cobbled streets early on this Sunday morning.

The nature of the Camino today allowed us to keep up a good pace and get our desired milage in.

The Galician countryside provided us with green pastures and forested paths lined with ancient stacked rock walls all overgrown with damp emerald moss.

This 1000 year old trail was originally marked with crucifixes to point the pilgrims of olde in the right direction towards Santiago de Compostela where it is said that the body of St James is buried.

Once again "the way" led us through villages and past such old churches that we felt like we could have been transported back in time more than a few centuries.

Our aim was to reach the little village of Miraz and see whether we could camp at the Albergue there.

In one of the tiny settlements an artist's house featured a few interesting stone sculptures.

On arrival at the Albergue in Miraz we felt so welcomed by three wonderful women who volunteer there, Liz, Therese and Paula.

It was blissful to be able to have a hot shower and set up our tent in the lovely grounds. 

Every day the Camino teaches us something new and provides us with unexpected surprises and the good fortune to meet the most amazing people along the way who have been incredibly kind.

Again, this long distance hike has highlighted the kindness which exists in humanity.

After a delicious and nutritious meal which included lots of fruits and vegetables we received trail magic in the form of a stash of Cliff bars from our fabulous hosts who have become our trail Angels.
Thank you. Gracias. Mahalo. 
Life is good!

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